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Clever Clove: Ways to ease Asthmatic Cough and other troubles

Mis à jour : 1 oct. 2019

The other day while walking past the paediatrician ward, it was a sight to behold - children throwing tantrum, flailing arms and dishevelled mothers waiting to be called in by the doctor.

The only ones lying placid were coughing so violently that it seemed they were little guppies out of the water and gasping for air. There are a few things that never change. Cold, Cough, flu and children.

Now my children, would inevitably be down with the flu and up with cough whenever the weather turned for worse. I had tonics and anti-biotics lined up on my shelves along with books and toys. Those never seemed out of the place in their room.

Other than the fact, that they have a terrible dry cough at night, the mucus would block the throat and nose. It always had a tendency to settle down dry on the lungs. That made coughing very painful.

My grandmother had severe Asthma, I had similar symptoms as a child. Hence, I am very apprehensive that my children run a high risk of inheriting that suffocating sickness.

In a desperate attempt to breathe!

But thankfully, lots of physical exercise and healthy habits kept me away from that predicament. And my children are always encouraged to do physical exercises and yoga.

Recently it must have come to your knowledge that there is no cure for the common cold. Yes, even it took me some time to accept the new findings!

There is no cure for the common cold.

On the contrary European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control and NHS, advocates that "antibiotics will not cure flu rather it will eventually make the human body immune to anti-biotic which will prove fatal after a major operation like organ transplants, hip replacements and cancer treatment as the body will no longer respond to the antibiotics."

In other words, the human body will be more susceptible to infections since it becomes immune to antibiotics.

Basically, Antibiotics will not react to repel an infection as the human body will no longer react to Antibiotics.

But how do you explain that to a toddler or a child? Even grown-ups have been known to pester for an antibiotic, let alone the children.

All those years of having anti-biotics have clearly been a wrong way to deal with the common cold, and my grandmother had been up in arms to administer her potent potion.

She would always hand me a clove to keep it in my mouth. The dry, rapacious cough would subside.

You must have also noticed bad breath during cases of flu and colds, clove takes care of that too.

Try keeping a clove in your mouth it will do a wonderful job as a mouth freshener.

It is no secret that clove oil is excellent for teeth and gums, especially when you have had gum swelling or a root canal done.

Grandmother was Asthmatic and her condition would worsen during winters, and yet formidable as she was, she refused to take any medicine and was hell-bent to get rid of her inhaler.

She lived to the ripe age of 87 and used the inhaler rarely. It wasn't surprising when she met her kindred spirit in the Ayurvedic doctor.

Here is what he recommended to her, for soothing spasmodic cough (to be taken at night before sleep).

This remedy is also helpful for bronchitis :

Clever uses of Cloves can provide relief from many ailments
  • Mix 3 drops of clove oil

  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey

  • Add 1 clove of crushed garlic

  • All mixed together.

And as a daily dose of healing from Asthma,

  • Boil 5-6 cloves in a cup of water

  • Add a tablespoon of Honey

  • Drink thrice a day.

It is such a delight to know that nowadays we have an excellent quality of clove oil available in the market, and you can get that delivered to your doorstep too, all thanks to the age of e-commerce.

You can find the preferred brands here, under the aromatic spices section, and while you do, browse through other aromatic and healing spices.

In case, you run out of the usual over-the-counter spray for muscle cramps, use a drop of clove oil and gently massage the area.

A stiff neck, a tight shoulder, a pulled muscle, a mild sprain, a nagging back pain - all taken care of by the clove oil. Additionally, the natural healing properties of human touch combined with the clove oil is a far more effective remedy than just using a spray.

This not only encourages human interaction with that healing touch, especially in a world where we continue to drift from humane communication. The result of which has led to a rise in depression and anxiety has been found in research by the US National Library of Medicine. (NCBI)

In another post, we will touch upon the concept of the human mind as a microcosmic form of the macro-cosmic Nature later.

But for now, know that clove oil is also responsible for countering micro-organisms causing dental decay and/or cavities.

Note: You may find in many health sites across the internet, which have certified professionals, suggesting you to use clove oil for toothache or dental related issues, I leave it to your discretion to follow them.

However, Ayurveda suggests that a clove (for children) or two (for adults) be always kept in the mouth throughout the day. (NCBI)

Rinsing the mouth with water after every meal to ensure no food particles remain in the dental cavities - is a regular practice in the East.

Just pop in a clove or two after rinsing your mouth post-meal, if you have had a root canal or a dental decay/ cavities situation.

The case of myself and my grandmother was shared with you all so that you may relate to the exact symptoms when it comes to:

  1. In case, of dry rapacious, spasmodic cough in children or even adults. A Clove or two in the mouth can ease the condition.In the case of bronchitis, you can give the above concoction a try before going off to sleep. This is for adults only.

  2. In the case of Asthma, the mix mentioned above can slowly heal the condition. But don't discard the inhaler just now!

  3. For joint pain, muscle cramps, senior citizens with Arthritis or brittle bones, use Clove oil generously to massage the area. (NCBI) Cover the area for longer effect.

  4. If your children are always into sweets and candies. Make it a habit for them to chew a clove after every meal (except for night - they might choke on it in case they doze off). Congratulate yourself for the effort when your children prefer to chew a clove instead of gum/candy/lollies. This habit will have a long-lasting positive effect on their lives. (NCBI)

  5. Keep a clove or two in your mouth for root canal done, cavities, toothache and gum swelling. Direct use of clove oil is not encouraged in Ayurveda because the dosage of concentrated clove oil can be a little tricky. Hence, you can confidently chew a clove or two without worrying about the dosage. (NCBI)

Note: For point 2 and 3, Clove oil may have certain drug interaction. Please check with a physician if you are taking anticoagulants, anti-depressants and when you do so, mention all the ingredients in the concoction i.e Garlic, Honey and off course Clove oil.

Natural healing has long term positive effect than quick chemical fixes.

Every Natural process takes its own time, moreover, it impels us to be patient - a noble quality so rarely found. So Don't Worry - Clove has it All!

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