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Fantastic Fenugreek : How to Keep Diabetes Away and in Check

With snowy landscapes and warm hearts the New Year ushers in. A New Year, new beginnings, new resolutions, a new start and like every year, I renew my bond with the immortal wisdom of Nature. I was so engrossed with settling down into my daily routine post the Holidays, that I totally forgot to share a few remedies on diabetes that can easily be imbibed in our daily routine. As I mentioned in my last post (sweet healings) about my uncle's diabetic condition. I find it very hard to imagine life without a little celebration and indulgence. Maybe it is one of the reasons, I continue to follow the advice of the old Ayurvedic doctor till date and so does my family. These are remedial recipes that can be easily whipped up in our kitchen - Healthy, Tasty and Simple.

My father's addiction to tobacco almost pushed him to the brink of cancer. And, embarrassing as it may sound, I followed suit in spite of my father's condition and nearly ruined my youth. Addictions can and should never be encouraged as an indulgence to be included in a Celebration. However, to enjoy a tiramisu or a cake or a simple candy has an innocent charm and thus is another story altogether. Sadly, when you are diabetic, you are not allowed to eat anything, unless you check contents, measure calories etc. Trying on a new drink that you eyed on the Supermarket shelf will be flatly ruled out. I could emotionally relate to my Uncle's condition, he never indulged in addictives, he just loved life with a sweet tooth. Maybe he did put a kilo or two extra in that process of loving life. And every time I think about him, I can't help but wonder What if my children have a sweet tooth? What if they inherit the diabetic gene? How can I refuse my young cherubs from what others enjoy freely? What if I turn diabetic?

"Prevention is Better than Cure - Proverb"

Going back in time, when uncle was declared diabetic, I remember, in my unsettling apprehension, I had rung up the Doctor to set a rendezvous with him at the end of the Holidays. Those days, the internet was not so popular and certainly not as user-friendly as we find it today. I had no option but to solicit the doctor to explain what diabetes actually did to people. Yes, I tried asking my dad, but knowing that another serious illness in the family may upset me, he simply said: "You get very sick and tired". I am afraid, that answer did anything but satisfy my queries.

On the appointed day, I marched into his chambers. I was delighted to see two patients, waiting for him. Not able to contain my curiosity, I gently quipped, trying not to sound too nosy "Er umm, is he going to be late? And quickly added, "You look tired, are you down with a fever?". "No! my dandruff is killing me, nothing works!" pat came the reply from a man, who kept on scratching his head the whole time he waited. I was aghast - here is a man (the doctor), rescuing people from the clutches of death and people come to him for dandruff problems?! Deciding not to further allow anyone to undermine the abilities and achievements of our modest but skilled healer I so look up to, I let the dandruff-ridden patient slip into the little room with a sliding door.

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception - Aldous Huxley"

When my turn came, I went inside with the prescription, recipe and the two bottles that he had administered to uncle. He was hardly surprised at my audacity of hijacking medicines of a Type 2 diabetic. I guess, by that time, we knew me too well.

He went on to explain "A certain organ in your body fails to secrete a juice that is necessary to break down food into energy, it makes other organs fatty because it is not used up by the body. Just like a fat man cannot function properly after a certain point in time. The organs in your body behave the same. They don't do the job they are supposed to do. Therefore, in a way, if one organ malfunctions, other organs get affected as well leading to a situation that medicines refuse to work at all"

He went on to explain how Ayurveda observes the human body. "Have you seen the inside of a clock? How everything works in tandem with each other - not too fast, not too slow. But take out one clog, and it becomes so much more difficult to get everything back again. Remember - Your body is just like a watch, with intricate and fine machinery at work in the background"

"Facts which at first seem improbable will, even on scant explanation, drop the cloak which has hidden them and stands forth in naked and simple beauty. - Galileo Galilei"

I indicated one of the bottles, and asked: "Why the fenugreek seeds?"

He briefed me about the conversation he had with my Aunt, wherein he inquired about similar symptoms in the family. And when Aunt affirmed the facts and further informed that my great grandfather had peculiar blindness which could not be corrected with medications available in those days, he assessed that uncle might have Type 2 diabetes and he might have a very high risk of Type I diabetes as well.

The doctor, helped me decode the recipe with fenugreek. A simple routine to follow throughout your life more so if you or your family has a history of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds are hard in texture and bitter in taste, however, gives a subtle aroma when cooked. Since we are dealing with serious illness, the prevention and cure would be equally no-nonsense. Though I promise to share a healthy, tasty and simple recipe with fenugreek - but that's for later.

Here is something from the Treasure House of Nature :

  • Take a teaspoon of Fenugreek

  • Roughly grind it with a pestle and mortar

  • Soak it overnight in a cup of warm water.

Next morning, wake up before sunrise (trust me it helps to be an early riser), strain the concoction and drink the water before brushing your teeth.

Warning: It will be extremely bitter in taste. Make No Mistake About This!

Go about your business, just don't brush your teeth immediately. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes before you do so.

Make this a daily routine, at the same time continue with blood sugar check, diets, medications as recommended by your doctor or specialist.

For those of you who are like me, who loves to indulge and yet want to keep healthy, (i.e not diagnosed with any diabetic related ailment) you too can follow this remedy, but make sure, you eat something sweet after your dinner before going off to sleep. A teaspoon of sugar will also do if you don't have anything sweet in your refrigerator. Remember - too much of anything can turn healers into poisons! Balance is the Key.

Recently, trial by Glasgow and Newcastle University in International Diabetes Federation confirmed that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with 200 calories of right nutrients. Clearly, it is curable with a little effort, and certainly preventable by natural means with no side-effects. The internet is flooded with information on how pancreas releases insulin for glucose to be metabolized into energy. The unused sugar (fructose) is stored in the liver and makes it fatty over time. Eventually, triglyceride levels increase to endanger the heart. Joints and muscles pain due to rise in the uric acid level, not too before uric acid leads to stones in the Kidney. It is evident what extra fructose (sugar) can do to your body.

After so many years, I graciously remember how succinctly the wise old man had described the human body as a Clock. How resoundingly true it has come to pass with the recent scientific findings. It is equally wonderous to see how Ancient Science is being proven right in modern times.

Important Note : This is a natural therapy, and hence its is recommended to continue your prescribed medicines and injections as adviced by your doctor.

This is adviced for anyone with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. With physical exercise, restricted diet, and this routine, Type 2 can be reversed and Type 1 brought in control.

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