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Smoking Habit: 5 Lessons Learnt from smoking as a Teenager

Mis à jour : 1 oct. 2019

My thoughts were interrupted by the chattering teenagers outside the window, all pre-occupied with their interesting anecdotes. They all have one thing in common. All have the current rage, the vaping paraphernalia stuck to their mouth.

A cloud of smoke surrounding them. It seems nothing has changed since my youthful years - the thrill to do what was prohibited, to defy, to challenge to be accepted by everyone 'seriously'. And in that desperation, most of us fell victim to addiction.

It was only after years, I realised my folly while watching Disney Lion King with my children when the magnanimous King said to his spirited and thrill-seeking young cub :

"Simba, I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble" - Mufasa from The Lion King

It may be intriguing to know that children and later young adults pick habits based on what they observe around them. The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, (NCBI) state in their Youth Development Study "how parents' long-term smoking course or directions are related to adolescent children's likelihood of smoking."

Perhaps, it was this biological effect, that in spite of my father's serious condition, I was almost hypnotised into smoking. I must admit, while my father swore that he would never touch nicotine or cigarettes ever in his life, I would steal out of home for a smoke. Guess, as teenagers, we are foolhardy to not pay heed to early signs. How true the saying

"He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger" - Confucius"

The first sign of trouble was my irregular and painful period. (NCBI)

Discarding them frivolously as hormonal imbalance quite normal in adolescence, I continued with my misadventures. (NCBI)

Standing before the mirror applying lipstick I noticed my lips were unusually dry for the summer season.

The next thing caught my eye was a pale patch on my right cheek.

Taking a mental note to adhere to my beauty regime more religiously, I went off on my evening with friends.

Smoking - When all goes up in smoke!

I changed my face wash, moisturiser, face cream and opted for a more expensive brand of cosmetic.

I also replaced my shampoo, hair spray and added a serum to my hair care.

No matter what I did, the patch on my cheek refused to disappear and what added to my dilemma was my hair fall was double-fold.

Dry, fizzy and brittle, they came out in clumps. My mom decided to take things into her hand and booked an appointment with a skin and hair specialist.

The administered ointments and folic acid tablets turned out to be only a temporary remedy as one more patch appeared on my face.

I was just 19 years then, and my skin had aged so much more for my years. I felt embarrassed and conscious of my looks. (NCBI)

My mom attributed the skin condition to my irritable bowel movements. More doses of medication ensued.

Other than piles of tablets, ointments, lotions and bland food, I had to literally paint myself before venturing out of the house.

How would I have known then, that these are mere signs of what was playing havoc with my organs?

"The only limit to our realisation of tomorrow will be our doubts of today" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

There are times when one finds solace in solitude. When physical malady plagues one to seek some comfort, it is then, one usually ventures to seek such solitude.

Sitting on the park bench, striving to understand the state of my being, I heard a soft voice "What musings am I interrupting now, young lady?". I was rather relieved to find the doctor standing beside me.

Without beating around the bush, I confided in him all about my physical afflictions.

He asked me to place my palm on his hand. After squeezing the fleshy bases of my fingers, he turned my palm over and intently looked at my nails. "Like father, like daughter" he said with a sigh.

I had turned crimson with embarrassment for his expression made it apparent that he somehow discovered my misadventures. But he never made me feel guilty of my mistakes, as the wise American Educator would have motivated us to think :

"It's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers - they help us to learn - John Bradshaw"

"You and your mom need to speak to me at the earliest. Do you have a younger sibling?" the doctor inquired. I replied in affirmative.

"Try to come as soon as possible, you are not growing any younger smoking that cigarette". (NCBI)

I bargained to come soon if he promises not to divulge my secrets to mom. I shuddered to imagine my mother's reaction if the doctored revealed about my shady doings.

He chivalrously said, "Rest assured, I won't breathe a word about this to your Mother, but don't delay Nature's intervention any further".

And I didn't, as you will read later, and I continue the Ancient Ayurvedic way to Health even in the Autumn of my Life.

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